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Thanksgiving Day with a lot of wishes and happiness is back again. We pray for all of you to stay healthy and live more.

Thanksgiving Day in USA(United States)

ThanksGiving Day is basically huge celebration of fourth Thursday of November in the United States. Most of the people doing celebration of thanksgiving 2018 usa don’t know about the thanksgiving history. Many people are also really interested in knowing why do we celebrate thanksgiving. On the fourth Thursday of November there is public holiday in the United States. This event is celebrating nationally after 1789. There is a breif history in details on wiki you can read.

W. M. M. THANKSGIVING A recent trip to Cincinnati, Memphis, Kansas City and Chicago has brought the Director back to our Museum with many thoughts for reflection and with a renewed sense of pride in the Cleveland Museum because it is so well equipped to carry on the vital and varied work of a modern art museum. But this renewed feeling of pride goes back in still greater measure beyond the building to John Huntington and Horace Kelley, who thirty years ago had the vision to realize what a museum would mean for the physical, educational and spiritual growth of the city, and who made provisions which have made possible all this useful service to the community. I49 THE BULLETIN OF THE And next to Mr. Huntington and Mr. Kelley one’s renewed sense of thankfulness goes out afresh to that stalwart group of Trustees under the two wills, who, despite long continued criti cism from those who did not appreciate the difficulty under which they labored, held steadfastly to their purpose to give Cleveland one adequate museum building instead of two or three inadequate ones. And then one’s thought goes out to those generous lovers of art who have desired to share with others their pleasure in great works of art and have made possible the wonderful growth of the Museum collections in these four short years.

It is well to recall to mind a few of the more important of these gifts, that our members may have a keener sense of the community’s obligation to those who have so far been the great early donors. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wade gave the land for the building and important collections in many fields, including European and American paintings, laces, textiles, Japanese prints, early American silver, European and Oriental decorative arts, etc. To all of these Mr. Wade has recentlly added a trust fund, the income of which will approximate $30,000 to be available for purchases.
To Mrs. L. E. Holden we are indebted for the important collection of early Italian paintings. Mr. and Mrs. John L. Severance presented the splendid collec tion of arms and armor and an important library on the subject. Mrs. F. F. Prentiss gave the series of eight tapestries telling the story of Dido and Aeneas. Mr. Worcester R. Warner donated a fund of $50,ooo to form the collection of Oriental art which bears his name. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph King have given liberally in the fields of Oriental art, sculpture, painting and etching. Mr. David Z. Norton has contributed collections of Japanese netsuke, inro and sword guards and Japanese, Chinese and Korean mirrors. In the name of Charles G. King, Jr., has been presented the important collection of string instruments which he collected in many countries. Mrs. John Huntington has given the first century Roman mosaic pavement and marble garden ornaments, and other classical objects. ISO CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART To Miss Katherine Bullard of Boston we are indebted for an important collection of Turner Liber Studiorum prints pre sented in memory of Francis Bullard. Mrs. R. Henry Norweb has donated important bronzes by Rodin, and with her sister, Mrs. E. C. Higbee, 2nd, three models for the Children’s Museum. Mr. J. D. Cox has presented works by his brother, the late Kenyon Cox, and a collection of photographs of paintings by the same artist. These important gifts are listed as an indication f the quality and variety of the donations already made, which in clude gifts from two hundred and one different individuals, aggregating a value of over two and a half million dollars. The full list of donors follows: Adams, Mrs. G. Field Ambler, W. E. Arter, J. C. Bacher, Mrs. Mary H. Bahr, A. W. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Baldwin, Mrs. S. Prentiss Baumgarten, William J. Beauley, William J. Beebe, Miss Julia Bell, Archie Bingham, Charles W. Birnbaum, Martin Blossom, Mrs. Dudley S. Bradley, George P. Breck, Mrs. J. H. British School of Archaeology of Egypt Brooks, Charles T. Bulger, William Bulkley, Robert J. Bullard, Katharine Burgdorff, Ferdinand Butler, Miss Helen C. Canessa, Amadio Canessa, Sigmund A. Carrington, FitzRoy Chapman, N. D. Clapp, Willard M. Cleveland Art Association, The Cleveland Garment Manufacturers’ Association, The Cobb, Mrs. Philip Cogelein, H. H. Coit, Miss Caroline E. Coleman, Miss Belle Conger, Mrs. E. A. Corner, Mrs. Horace B. Corning, Mrs. Warren B. Coulter, C. A. Cox, J. D. Cros, Mrs. Marie DeForest, Lockwood DeForest, M. Fannie Donahey, J. H. Drury, F. E. Dunn, Mrs. Louise M. Eclipse Electrotype and Engraving Company Everett, Mrs. Henry A. Freer, Charles L. French, (P. W.) and Company Fuller, Miss Loie Gage, George E. Ginn, Dr. Arthur P. Given, Bernard B. Glauber, Morris Goddard, George A. Haines, Mrs. Edward W. Halle, Salmon P.
THE BULLETIN OF THE Halle, Samuel H. Hanna, Leonard C. Jr. Hanson, Edmund Harkness, Mrs. C. W. Harpham, J. B. Herrick, Mrs. Mary Langley Hill, Mrs. C. M. Hill, Mrs. W. T. Hitchcock, Lawrence Hitchings, Dr. F. W. Hodge, Mrs. Emma B. Holden, The Misses Emery May and Katharine Holden, Mrs. L. E. Hooper, A. M. Hosford, Miss Clara Huntington, Mrs. John Independence Hall, Philadelphia Joint Lutheran Committee, The Jones, Miss Myrta Leonora Kean, Mrs. Rose Kelekian, D. G. Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. Hermon A. Keppel and Company, Frederick King, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Klein, Mrs. Jacob Knapp, H. P. Kroehle, Miss Mary Ellen Lahm, Frank H. Large, Mrs. Secord H. Larter, Charles Levy, Albert D. Littwitz, Max Lloyd, Van V. Longman, Miss Evelyn B. Loo, C. T. Lowman, Dr. and Mrs. John H. Lyman, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Lyman, Miss Theodora McBride, Mrs. Lee McBride, Mrs. Malcolm L. McConnell, Dr. Guthrie and Christie McCurdy, Philip L. McIntosh, H. P. Macbeth, William MacMonnies, Frederick (from a per sonal friend through Miss Myrta Leonora Jones) Magrath, C. D. Mallison and Company, H. R. Mallon, Paul Miner, Mrs. Mary Case Moses, Robert Narten, Mrs. Christian National War Garden Commission Nelson, Nels Newberry, Mrs. Arthur St. John Norton, D. Z. Norton, Miss Georgie L. Oppenheimer, J. R. Orr, Louis Page, Edward S. Painter, Kenyon Parker, R. Barton Parkhurst, Mrs. E. H. Parmelee, James Parmelee, Robert M. Parsons, Harold W. Paull, Miss Virginia P. Pell, Rev. Alfred Duane Perkins, Mrs. E. R. Perkins, Jacob B. Phillips, Mrs. F. C. Prentiss, Mrs. F. F. Price, William (in the name of Mrs. William Price) Print Club, The Purdy, W. Frank Ransom, Miss Caroline L. Raymond, S. E. and J. S. Rebeck, Steven Reindel, Wilhelm Georg Riefstahl, R. Meyer Rodin, Auguste (through Miss Emery May Holden) Rosenthal, Albert Roullier Art Galleries, Chicago Rowfartt Club Ruggles, Mrs. E. A. (for Martha Mills) Runge, Gustave Samuels, Mitchell Satra, Mrs. M. Schwarzenberg, E. A. Seligman, Arnold Seligman, Jacques 152 CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART Severance, John L. Sholes, Mrs. Fred T. Simonds, Dr. Otis Franklin Skeel, A. E. Smith, Miss Carrie Belle Smith, Mrs. George DeForest Smythe, John Spackman, C. S. Squire, Mrs. Andrew Starr, Mrs. Laura B. Stephens, Mrs. Henry A. Svarc, Mr. and Mrs. Van Swasey, Ambrose Talmage, W. C. Taylor, Mrs. Henry Osborn Taylor, Mrs. J. Livingstone Thaw, Mrs. Benjamin Thiollier, Mme. Felix (through Frank H. Lahm) Tompkins, F. H. Tower, Mrs. Olin Freeman Tracy, Mrs. Jared J. Treadway, Mrs. Lyman Underhill, Miss Gertrude Upson, Mrs. Henry S. Urann, Miss Clara A. Ushikubo, D. J. R. Wade, Mrs. Garretson G. Wade, J. H. Warner, Mrs. Albert R. Warner, Mr. and Mrs. Langdon Warner, Mr. and Mrs. Worcester R. Warner and Swasey Company, The Warshawsky, A. G. Wason, Mrs. Charles W. Whitlock, Brand Whiton, Mrs. Frieda Frasch Whittemore, E. L. Woolf, S. J. and Arthur H. Harlow Company Worch, Edgar Yamanaka and Company, New York Zerbe, Mrs. Jerome B. In addition to these gifts of objects the following trusts have been provided by will: The Dudley P. Allen Fund, $iSo,ooo, the income to be used for purchases. The Charles W. Harkness Endowment Fund, $Ioo.,oo, the income available for any purpose. In addition to the above the Museum holds in effect as a perpetual loan important collections, the actual titles to which stand in the names of The John Huntington Art an’d Polytech nic Trust, the Trustees of The Hinman B. Hurlbut Estate and he Horace Kelley Art Foundation, which are being added to from time to time. Truly this is an inspiring record. But when one studies it and realizes that it is limited to the generosity of a mere handful of liberal people- in actual proportion to the people of means in the city-one sees how great is the future of the Museum. Despite this record of achievement in the growth of the col lections, and in the use made of them, it seems necessary to remind readers of the Bulletin that the Museum is not, as is popularly supposed, a wealthy institution with large funds available for general purposes or for purchases. The total in come restricted to purchases for I92I will be about $45,ooo, I53 THE BULLETIN OF THE from three separate funds, while the income from all sources available for general purposes will probably not exceed $6o,ooo. Prior to I920 the Huntington and Kelley trusts have been able to pay the budget expenses, but this year their appropriation was $I7,000 less than the budget and it is not likely to be larger in i92i, so that the Museum’s unrestricted income must take care of the increases in running expenses over the year I9Ig. If the work is not curtailed this will absorb the larger part of the unrestricted income, leaving little beyond the income from restricted funds to be used for purchases. The place the Museum is taking in the community calls for the fullest support from all who are interested in its fullest development. Without such general support the Museum can not serve the public to the full extent of which it is capable.
FOUNDERS OF THE MUSEUM At the meeting of the Board of Trustees held on July nineteenth the following resolution was passed: “That in recognition of their conception of the idea of giving to Cleveland a Museum of Art, and of their generous gifts for the foundation of such Museum, the late John Huntington, the late Horace Kelley and the late Hinman B. Hurlbut, and Mr. Jeptha H. Wade be, and they are hereby, recognized and named as the Founders of The Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Board of Trustees hereby records on its own behalf, as well as on behalf of the citizens of Cleveland, the deep appreciation and gratitude which all must feel for the beneficent foresight of these men in providing for the Community an institution in which Art culture is to have a permanent home.” This resolution places the names of John Huntington, Horace Kelley, Hinman B. Hurlbut and Jeptha H. Wade at the head of all membership rolls as “Founders of the Museum.” FELLOWS OF THE MUSEUM In the early summer an invitation was sent to a group of Cleve land men and women to become Fellows or Fellows for Life of the Museum. This list included those whom the Trustees believed would wish to help the Museum in this way, when they learned of the need for an enlarged income to maintain and develop the work of the Museum. It is gratifying to report the